Pharmaceutical Packaging and its important functions

The market of pharmaceutical packaging seems to be constantly advancing and is seen with an annual growth of around 5+ % in the past few years. Today, this domain is considered as a 20 billion dollar industry in the world. Unlike the other packaged goods, the medicines and other Biopharma products require trustworthy and efficient packaging solutions, which can deliver a blend of product protection, tamper evidence, quality, security need and patient comfort. With the constant innovations in medicines including the blow fill seal (BSF) vials, the plasma impulse chemical vapor deposition coating technology, unit dose vials, snap off ampoules, prefilled syringes, two in one prefilled vial design and the child resistant packs simply have a good impact over packaging solution. The packaging can be defined as an array of several components that surround the pharmaceutical products from the very time of production till its use. The packaging pharmaceutical products are often found in broad categories having a multi faceted task in it. The packaging is simply responsible for rendering life saving drugs, medical devices and treatments, along with several of the new products including the medical nutritionals in different dosage format, which is meant to cater all types of poultice, solid powder, supplement, drop or suspension to people all across the globe. It is always transparent to the end users, when it is carried out perfectly and remains open to get any feedback from different quarters or people. Nowadays the Biopharma companies are seen giving due importance to environment hence you will now see them embarking with ecological packaging solutions. Considering the rise of competition more and more pharmaceutical companies aspire to deliver their products with high quality packaging. This is the reason why you will find them adopting newer methods to sustain in this fierce competition. There are certain functions of pharmaceutical packaging, which have to be considered while doing this job. Let’s check them out: Containment - The containment of the Biopharma products is one of the primary functions of packaging for a number of medicinal products. The high quality packaging design should be taken into considerations as per the product needs along with the distribution and manufacturing systems. Hence you need a packaging, which not only leaks, nor allow diffusion and permeation of the medicines. It should be robust enough to hold and protect the content of medicines during handling in the transportation or at other places till it finally reaches in the form of a dosage. Protection - The packaging should be able to protect the Biopharma products against different adverse external influences, which can hamper its quality or potency including moisture, light, biological contamination, oxygen, and mechanical damages. Presentation and information - Packaging is among the most crucial source of information on different medicinal products. These details are showcases via the labels and package inserts to patients and doctors. Convenience - The factor of convenience is associated with the use of Biopharma products or administration, which is also among the vital functions of packaging solutions. Identification - The printed packs or the ancillary printed elements could serve for a number of functions of rendering both the identity and information. Source: Barrier Bottles